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if animals could turn into humans (headcanon accepted!)
if Harry was raised by McGonagall - headcanon accepted!
Ugh, Headcanons on Sirius and the Potters never cease to make my Potterhead Heart yearn for more <3
Headcanon accepted Harry Potter Hogwarts, Harry Potter Fandom, Harry Potter Universal,
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Headcanon accepted!! Nothing can convince me that this is not true!
(Sorry for the cuss) HEADCANON ACCEPTED
Charlie and Tonks as BFFs - headcanon accepted.
Harry Potter headcanons always make me happy, especially the ones with the Weasley twins.
Image result for romione headcanons Harry Potter Images, Harry Potter Bedroom, Harry Potter Ships
Headcanon - Sirius using random middle names for Lupin, just for fun!
Draco Malfoy headcanons: I feel more and more dracoish everyday.
Sirius Black and Mrs. Potter, my head canon parenting role models, people! | Harry Potter in 2018 | Pinterest | Harry Potter, Harry potter fandom and Sirius ...
Fred & George Headcanon, part 6
yay for Marauders headcanons The Marauders, Harry Potter Hogwarts, Lotr, Fandoms, Fantastic
I accept this headcanon.
8 Crushing Harry Potter Realizations That Will Make You Feel All the Feels
Muggleborn kid with a talent for magic
Headcanon accepted!!! Last line tho.
That is the best headcanon I've heard all day
muggle supernatural headcanon - Google Search
This Nymphadora Tonks headcanon, which is totally believable.
LGBT headcanons about Harry Potter
Hp HEADCAnoN tumblr. Hp HEADCAnoN tumblr Harry Potter ...
marauders headcanons - Google Search Harry Potter Facts, Harry Potter Books, Marauders Era,
Harry and hermione headcanon
Hogwarts lgbt headcanons Yer A Wizard Harry, Headcanon Harry Potter, Harry Potter Fandom,
This is a cool headcanon, until you remembet that Divergent is in the future, and Harry Potter was set in the 1980's.
So I have a lgbt account on Instagram. Its kind of harry potter themed. But I just wanted to share my headcanons with everyone..ill be posting other fandom ...
The potion causes each person to smell what attracts them
Pretty sure those two things sound exactly the same, and also headcanon accepted
Head canon accepted < < < Headcanon that "someone" is actually James and Remus is freaking out because he doe… | Harry Potter and the Obsessed Potterhead in ...
Every Remus Lupin headcanon I read is always so heartbreaking.
Hogwarts Class Sizes < < Headcanon accepted! JK Rowling made a list of all the students in Harry's year, 40, so I think that it would fit with this.
I have a headcanon that after the Second Wizarding War when wizards were more accepting of Muggles they gradually became more modern and techy (just not in ...
I'm repinning for the third time. I cant. I just cant. No. Please. *uncontrollable sobbing* *dies*
Newt gave Dumbledore Fawkes Harry Potter Memes, Harry Potter Stuff, Harry Potter Timeline,
I could totally see this happening, this would be why she lives forever Harry Potter
Draco Malfoy Headcanon Harry Potter, Harry Potter Feels, Harry Potter Fandom, Harry Potter
marauders headcanon - Google-Suche
Cho Chang, Harry Potter, hp, Cedric diggory, Fred Weasley - HEADCANON SO FREAKING ACCEPTED!!!
Sirius and Remus headcanon - can't decide whether to take this as a pairing or just that what his friends for him, transforming every full moon to be with ...
Harry potter headcanon Hogwarts headcanon wizarding world headcanon
Scorbu headcanon Gay Harry Potter, Harry Potter Cursed Child, Harry Potter Ships, Harry
I totally believe in this headcanon! Harry Potter Marauders, Harry Potter Fandom, Harry
Head cannon accepted. Just imagain all those years of Harry growing up with the Dursley's too. And his first potions lesson, I'll be that one wasn't pretty.
The password tho. Ollie Rose · Harry Potter Headcanons
Headcanon accepted. Harry Potter Memes, Harry Potter Fandom
LOL this is now my favorite McGonagall headcanon
80s mauraders headcanons. 80s mauraders headcanons Harry Potter ...
Muggleborn Headcanons Harry Potter Fan Art, Harry Potter Fandom, Harry Potter World, Fanfiction
Muggleborn headcanons part 2 in 2018 | Harry Potter | Pinterest | Harry Potter, Hogwarts and Harry potter fandom
harry, potter, muggleborn, headcanons
The Marauders headcanon. I approve :)
Harry Potter theory time @ Tumblr
The parallels between the Marauders era and the Harry Potter era. Headcanon Harry Potter,
=D High Five, Harry Potter Memes, Harry Potter Fandom, Harry Potter Tumblr
Marauders Headcanons - 150 - Wattpad
*forgets the entire conversation between Harry & Remus about why he was fired and replaces it with this* HEADCANON OFFICIALLY ACCEPTED!
Sirius being a gentleman with Marlene. Just Blackinnon in general though.
I love the muggle-born/raised versus pure blood headcanons.
XD Malfoys ♥ Headcanon Accepted!
There's always someone coming up with different post-defeat-of-voldemort stories and I appreciate this one all the more.
Harry Potter, hp, Draco Malfoy, Lily Evans, James Potter, jily, the weasleys
Headcanon accepted... And then Remus giving Sirius the "ARE YOU SERIOUS (sirius)?!"-look, half jealous, half angry :D
Muggleborn headcanons part 2 in 2018 | harry potter | Pinterest | Harry Potter, Harry potter fandom and Hogwarts
#wattpad #fanfiction This is a compilation of all the Marauder's Headcanons! DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own any of this. All the headcanons are the ones I found ...
I wouldn't be surprised at the Hufflepuffs. They are good finders after all. sabrina fisher · Various Harry Potter headcanons
If Wonka, Frizzle, and Poppins were in the Harry Potter world
deamus headcanons - Google Search
What's The Funniest "Harry Potter" Tumblr Post You've Seen
963 best Harry Potter images on Pinterest | Harry potter fandom, Harry potter stuff and Harry potter universal
Sounds a bit English for Scottish McGonagall to say, but a good headcanon! Harry
Slytherin headcanons. Slytherin headcanons Harry Potter ...
muggle supernatural headcanon - Google Search
muggleborns at hogwarts tumblr - Google Search Harry Potter Love, Harry Potter Fandom, Harry
Dudley's Daughter Part 5 of 9 Harry Potter Memes, Harry Potter World, Harry Potter
James potter and sirius black. Drunk james potter. The muraders. Drunk deer.
Bildresultat för harry and ginny headcanons
Oh the feels Harry Potter Memes, Harry Potter Head Canon, Harry Potter Wattpad,
Slytherin Headcanon, part 2
You've got cake on your nose by the way. Did you know? Harry Potter ...
Snape. headcanon accepted. Snape. headcanon accepted Harry Potter ...
Snape the Potions Master. Oh look! A headcanon about Snape that doesn't make me want to tear my hair out!
New Golden Trio Headcanon..."it's ok, Rose is cool" lol
I've never really agreed with this (I prefer to take a Starkid approach to this relationship) but I have to admit, this is wonderful | Harry Potter in 2018 ...
I don't care it's my headcanon now thanks #drarry #harrypotter
Harry Potter Next Gen Ships and Headcanons
headcanon- ron is trans and that's why he pulls the cover up when whoever sat on his bed
Bring the drinks? Bring all the snacks, come on! It's not a party without snacks!! | Like it in 2018 | Pinterest | Harry Potter, Hogwarts and Harry potter ...
Luna Lovegood- new favorite headcanon I think I am going to cry,...........again.
a design project i did for fun today. the character models are based on headcanons i've seen in fanart with black hermione and indian harry. with the ...
Harry Potter Next Generation Headcanons
James and Lily headcanon Headcanon Harry Potter, Harry Potter Marauders, Harry Potter Fan Art
19 Tumblr Posts About "Harry Potter" That Will Fill You With Joy
Okay, maaaybe just a littte bit. Marauders EraHarry Potter ...