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Ancient Temple AncientTempleEnvironments After Effects
Garni Temple 02.JPG
Temple of Apollo, Corinth, Greece. related topics. Ancient ...
Sun Temple, Konârak
A tourist explores an ancient site
The Katas Raj Temple complex | Shutterstock
The Temple of Athena Nike: A Small Shrine Dedicated To One of Athena's Many Incarnations - Ancient History Encyclopedia
The Temple of Bel, in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra, as photographed in November 2004.
The Small Temple, Abu Simbel (by Dennis Jarvis). Abu Simbel is an ancient ...
Konark Sun Temple Image. Konark Sun Temple. Every ancient ...
Mayan Temple Starter Set
A general view shows the remains of the entrance to the iconic Temple of Bel this week after Syrian government troops recaptured the UNESCO world heritage ...
Isis destruction of Palmyra's Temple of Bel revealed in satellite images | World news | The Guardian
Side view
Copy of Bonampak Painting in Chetumal. This is an artist's copy of a mural at
Temple I, Tikal (by Dave Jimison)
Ancient Egyptian Architecture
ruins of a multi-colomned temple on top of a sheered cliff of stone
Khmer Empire of ancient Cambodia. Ta Prohm Temple ...
Tell Leilan site
Bayon Temple at Angkor Wat
The Temple of Dendur. Roman Period, reign of Augustus Caesar, completed by 10 B.C. From Egypt, Nubia, Dendur, West bank of the Nile River, 50 miles South of ...
People walking in and out of Queen Hatshetsup's temple.
Ancient medical instruments in inscription on the Temple of Kom Ombo, Egypt, Ptolemaic period
The Parthenon
Ancient Indian Architecture - Crystalinks
What the collapse of ancient capitals can teach us about the cities of today | Cities | The Guardian
Outstanding Universal Value
The Temple of Bel split screen. Arc/k Project
Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery
By Sonali Jain:
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Part 2: Artemis of Ephesus and her Temple
Satellite images show that only rubble remains at the site of the Temple of Bel in
Islamic State releases images said to show destruction of Palmyra temple | World news | The Guardian
Artist rendition of the complete temple, (Source: The Art of Power project)
Architectural Character
Konark Sun Temple panoramic view
The Parthenon - built in nine years, under repair for the past 40-something
The Parthenon, shows the common structural features of Ancient Greek architecture: crepidoma, columns, entablature, pediment.
Outstanding Universal Value
Hatshepsut's Mortuary Temple
Ta Prohm temple, Cambodia
trees growing at Ta Prohm temple, Cambodia
The ancient city of Hierapolis, located in modern-day Turkey
Ancient Greek and Egyptian interactions
ancient ruins | Art of Gurmukh Bhasin
ISIS seized control of <a href="http://www
Temple of Zeus
Archaeological site at Uruk (modern Warka) in Iraq (photo: SAC Andy Holmes
How climate change and population growth threaten Egypt's ancient treasures
Tambdi Surla Temple
... building looks like a traditional podium temple. The entrance of the Pantheon was designed with the portico containing eight columns across in the front ...
The Temple of Kukulkan, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico
The Arch of Triumph split screen. Arc/k Project
Ancient Temple
Isis's destruction of Palmyra: 'The heart has been ripped out of the city' | World news | The Guardian
Bayon temple, Cambodia
Types of Sacred Sites. Ancient ...
Sun blazes through the Parthenon, a well-known and well-built symbol of
Private water raiding threatens Angkor's temples built on sand | World news | The Guardian
[Landscape Architecture Study Tour with Professor Jack Ahern
What Was the Importance of Ziggurats in Ancient Mesopotamia?
The environmental impact of the Maya civilization is still visible today | Ancient Origins