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Anyone who says they don39t want to catch this fish is lying Carp
Anyone who says they don't want to catch this fish is lying
Vinny Parker with Captain Jack, the 69lb 10oz carp deemed to big when imported
Read Robs surface fishing tips and enjoy catches like this…
Paul Fairbrass and Cliff Dale WITH 13ST FISH
Dan Cleary mix it up
US Geological Survey / Flickr
Fish Facts: Everything You Wanted to Know About the Common Carp But Were Afraid to Ask
Jack Pells 32lb 8oz Pumpkin caught down the edge.jpg
5 simple tips for spring carp fishing success
Meeting the Men Who Spend Their Nights 'Urban Fishing' in London's Canals - VICE
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When you think about it the consequences of clearing a spot can prove very attractive to Carp. The action of dragging weed up from its roots will cause some ...
Carp Fly Fishing - A Talk with Expert Dan Frasier
River Monsters: The show is still a good catch, but for how long? | Television & radio | The Guardian
fishing lies
Carp may be an invasive species, but many fly fishers love them. Photo courtesy Mike Mazzoni
Bait application and the make up of my pre-baiting mix is a very important part of my angling and something I always put a great deal of thought into, ...
The others were only small but they were all extra fish I would never have caught if it weren't for those short overnight sessions between college!
Ultimate Guide To Carp Fishing: TIPS and TECHNIQUES For Learning To Fish For Carp
The scales don't lie . . . Ellesmere Port's Terry Knight with a new
A stunning mirror caught by Matt while fishing a Fenland river.
Young angler reels in record carp
Will Sudders with his monster catch [REX]
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Not satisfied with landing that fine arapaima, Clive got himself a cracking Siamese carp too. If he'd never caught another fish in the duration of his stay ...
carp fishing tips
Almost all French rivers hold carp and some pretty impressive ones at that. For instance, this is a 38lb river common of caught from the R. Maine just ...
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Containing over 150 fish in excess of 20lbs with 10 different thirties and a new lake record common of 41lb 3oz, the Valley and Car Park are prolific carp ...
We get tons of questions through Catfish Edge and on our social media pages and an overwhelming majority of them are about catfish baits and catfish rigs.
Specimen fishing weights for you to aim for
... it's all about location. river2
Comfortable for fish and angler!
At Carp-Talk magazine, we're used to faked angling pictures like this | Paul Monkman | Opinion | The Guardian
Fishing Planet - Official Trailer | PS4
Catching an Indian Carp (Book -1)
You could enjoy a real red letter day but you are just as likely to suffer a blank or struggle, but once the proper cold weather clicks in and fish have got ...
Trilakes Red Letter Day – Brandon Butler
Carp The "trash" fish that's a trophy
... I catch carp in all kinds of weather. Don't be put off from going fishing
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Carp fishing tips – 11 of the best to fine tune your approach
Brown carp fishing split
Rudy said “…..the first day ( saturday ) I threw my boilies and waited till sunday to fish on it. The first day the carp started to roll like crazy, ...
Jacob Hyer with one of many great fish on our adventure.
2016 World Carp Master Jacques Venter
Top 10 winter carp fishing tips and tricks
Fd: Could you describe the “Drag and Drop” technique?
Maize is one of the best cereal baits ever! I don't claim to know what it is, but there is something in these little grains that makes them almost ...
Spring carp fishing tips to get you hauling!
Warren Harrison with the huge carp
Off the south shore of Nova Scotia, a lobster fisherman hoists the fruits of his labour. Lobster fishing is a lucrative business in the Maritimes, but it's ...
Ready tied & baited rigs allowed the capture of three big fish in just 30 mins
Fish and eels are just a few of the prizes the two Bermondsey locals have pulled from the water. "Ah, all sorts," says Buster when I ask what he's caught.
fishing lies
The beauty of this approach is that I don't have to feed a lot of bait, so if nothing happens or it doesn't work I haven't done any harm to the swim.
Kayak Bass Fishing Magazine Spring 2017 Issue by Crooked Creek Media, LLC - issuu
Fishing in Winnipeg
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Big fish, big fun: Catfish are the Snake River's overlooked bounty
How to tie a simple corn rig for carp fishing
Catching bait with cast net, How to use a cast net, Choosing a cast net
Poachers will fish for a few days and store their catch in refrigerated transit vans, head across the channel and make up to £20,000 for a few days work.
Part One
After the spawn, big bass set up in structure adjacent to coves to ambush spawning
To find fish fast, Leer often begins his walleye quest at the river mouth and works up from there, prospecting prime lies like channel edges, eddies and all ...
Chod Rig Help From Team Mainline
Can this topple Euro Fishing, or will it be left on the bank with a dry net? I grabbed my best bass spinning round and set off to find out.
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Blue Catfish The bottom-feeding leviathan. It's difficult to pinpoint one spot to catch these brutes ...
Catching big catfish in a lake is an exhilarating experience but you have to have the right tackle and setup to land them.
funny fishing memes. bass with snook stripe
top fishing lies
This definitely looks like something from a prehistoric age don't it? I am of course referring to the niger ripsaw and NOT to our old friend Brett.
bream caught on waggler
Practice Casting - Be a better angler
Pete Springate with Mary and Marys mate. Iconic shot Fish Wallpaper, Fish Fish,
30-Pound Carp Caught In Schuylkill River
The ...
You might think Rob is an odd one but, given the time that family and shop allow, he catches shed loads. Don't bother about how you look.
Record bighead carp
The average weight of our Valley carp is over 20lbs and they can be caught on a variety of baits and tactics.
With a light lead hooked, fish tend to rise to the surface as did this 37lb 15oz Mirror
Another winter cracker caught by Dan using his three pronged attack