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HxC Floppy Emulator USB 35quot FULL HEIGHT for computers
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click here for pictures and videos.
HxC Floppy Emulator USB 3.5" Drive Replacement Vintage Computers BEIGE WHITE | eBay
HxC Emulator Utility Software
GOTEK System USB Floppy Emulator PCB Rear
HxC floppy emulator programmed Gotek drive -- FREE US Shipping | #1809345545
As you can see, the OLED display is nicely framed, aligned with the USB connector, and with the entire display area visible (though the firmware running on ...
HxC External.JPG
These connectors are plugged into the existing OEM computers, (where a floppy disk drive would ...
Here the same with the linux & network support .
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Akai LE S950 Midi Digital Sampler,RARE HXC USB Floppy Emulator Upgrade & LED Screen Upgrade FREE DELIVERY
Download: free. Website: Thingiverse
SD Floppy Emulator LCD-display Red REV C
DIGITAL TAPE DECK FOR COMMODORE 64 /128 /VIC 20 / C16 + SD CARD Full of Software
here's my A1200 mod with an internal HxC floppy emulator:
Gotek ADF Floppy Drive Emulator + 8GB USB Stick for Amiga: 500/600/
SD Floppy Emulator LCD-display White REV C
I needed to bend the tab down at one end to reduce its height to fit in the Gotek case:
HOW TO CREATE AKAI FLOPPY DISK ON PC FOR S900 S950 S3000XL S3000 S1100 S100 S3200 S2000 S2800 S01
3.5 Inch USB SSD Floppy Drive Emulator / 5V DC USB Floppy Drive Emulator--
Commodore CBM 8032 (HP - Early version 1980) - CompuThink Disk Drive Controller -
... coding the the Gotek firmware can now be replaced by an Amiga compatible firmware. This firmware allows to load any ADF file present on the USB key and ...
Preparing the Gotek Floppy Emulator ...
100 Akai S950 Sound Library Images For HxC Floppy Emulator .hfe Format
Amiga 500 DF0 / DF1 Drive Boot Selector Switch for GOTEK HxC Flash Floppy FDD
Other Vintage Computing 4193: Wireless Favourite Usb Keyboard Replacement For Amiga 600 ->
Restoration and Repair Commodore Floppy Drive VC-1541
GOTEK HxC FLoppy Drive Emulator for EMU EMAX I - LOTS of SAMPLE LIBRARY Included
3.5" 1.44MB 34Pin USB Floppy Drive Emulator for YAMAHA KORG Elec keyboard GOTEK
item 1 KMTech Gotek External Drive Adapter v1.41 for the Amiga PCB ONLY DIY ! -KMTech Gotek External Drive Adapter v1.41 for the Amiga PCB ONLY DIY !
GOTEK Floppy Drive Emulator for ROLAND S-760 LOADED W/ 1200+ SAMPLE DISK LIBRARY
First, we need to push the pins in the header a bit so they are more or less of equal length on both sides of the plastic insulator.
Keir Fraser has released a new version of FlashFloppy (version 8.8), a new 'open source' firmware for floppy emulators. FlashFloppy will also read and write ...
Product brief - HxC Floppy Emulator
Floppy emulator for SP 1200-sp1200.jpg
Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 6.19.01 PM ...
Hp LS-120 Module F1470A Super Disk Drive Drive Omnibook 120MB Floppy Fdd 4150
Rebuilt the keyboard flat cable
Chicken Systems Translator - Translating FROM Proprietary Disk
I used regular PC screws and five carton washers for each screw (see example on the floppy drive). The total washer height needs to be 3mm.
What replacement floppy drive for Akai S900?-img_1478.jpg
so this is the HDD i got off ebay for about 10 bucks, it is a IBM DCAS-34330 (don't forget to set the jumpers for the correct SCSI ID#):
Atari 600XL / Turbo 5000 Cartridge MSX 1-2 / Motherboard MAC Plus - Floppy
Studying the pinout of the drive I realised I only needed a few of the wires from it, and after looking at the drive I realised it didn't use the 12v input ...
HxC floppy converter cable for Emu Emulator EII
USB Floppy emulator with 1400+ loaded disk img for EMU Emulator EMAX I Sampler
When ...
CPC 464+ modded with 128 Ko RAM and the HxC floppy emulator running
You can see from the picture bellow an image of Hybris loaded via HxC (DF0) and a network drive floppy (DF1) working simultaneously on my Amiga.
And last but not least a photo of both the activity floppy LEDS working after I performed a diskcopy from HxC to Floppy drive :)
Restoring monitor section
The result was really nice as you can see. This is how it looks when there is no floppy inside.
Autopsy ...
UFE Rev A1 Installed on Amiga 1200 (Cover Off)
Atari 1040 STe
GOTEK HxC FLoppy Drive Emulator for EMU EMAX I - LOTS of SAMPLE LIBRARY Included
item 1 Amiga/Atari ST/Amstrad CPC/GOTEK FLASH FLOPPY OLed DISPLAY & Buzzer/ 8gb USB -Amiga/Atari ST/Amstrad CPC/GOTEK FLASH FLOPPY OLed DISPLAY & Buzzer/ ...
20MB hard drive on a card
1541 Ultimate-II / Tape Adapter / IEC Cable / Micro SD HC / Manual
Mount-It! Macbook Stand Adjustable Height Laptop Riser, Aluminum Notebook Cooling Platform,
Gotek FF(HxC Compatible) USB Drive for PC Amstrad Amiga Atari BBC Synthesizers
Alesis Datadisk SQ MIDI Storage Rack / Sequence Playback
Atmel 27C512 PROM 70ns
Commodore CBM 4008
SwinSID 6581/8580 Emulation switch
Another Gotek (HXC) with some Enhancements
USB Pendrive Gotek
2754161. >>
Pictures of the different converter versions.
DF0 Selector
I was able to save and load files to the floppy emulator, so it seems good to go. Whew.
Emu Sp 1200 disk drive (fully working)
Commodore 1541 (ASSY 250442) Repair
My Commodore Floppy drive collection is completed!
On the next image, you can clearly see the ACard SCSI to IDE Bridge glued where the Floppy rested and next to the custom Power connectors.
External Diskette Drive with USB interface. Super-slim and lightweight, easy to carry, ideal for Desktops and Laptops. Read/Write 1.44 MB floppy disk.
9821AP2 booted off a flash drive
Creative Labs Professional EM8740 E-MU 0202 USB 2.0 Rare Audio Interface for PC
User Manual - HxC Floppy Emulator