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I39m so above all this shit Wisdom39s Love t Quotes
I'm sorry For the times I hurt you, for the times I lied to you, and for every other reason you're so angry at me. I know my apologies don't mean shit ...
I'm literally so tired of being nice to people and going out of my way to make sure they're okay and happy just to get treated like shit
kushandwizdom: Good Vibes here Admit It Quotes, So Proud Of You Quotes, I
Motivational Quotes: “White hot and passionate is the only thing to be.”
I'm Too Old For This Shit Hat - Adjustable Mens Black - Funny Quote
Bought this quote to put up in my house after I move. That Dr Seuss
I certainly hope that you had fun with these fucking real quotes.
And other rappers doing their own songs on the beat, before the actual music video/song even comes out. (I've come across multiple songs on the Jay Elec " ...
For a while, I thought of myself as an atheist until I realized it was a belief, too. It's a shame everything has to have a label.
I thought I told you rap cats I have no friends.
I'm a uniter, not a divider.
>(paraphrasing) He grew up on tv, when did he have time to be >a gangster?
...says Wrongthink
http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_XLsmYse0MCw/Skjnye_Z6nI/AAAAAAAABBA/qU1svU7C-vI/s400/ T-Pain+Chain.jpg
"Po' folk need help they call it welfare, but rich folk need it then y'all call it a bailout..."
I had no control over that, I had to play an approved playlist. But I definitely remember this track!
http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_XLsmYse0MCw/Skjnye_Z6nI/AAAAAAAABBA/qU1svU7C-vI/s400/ T-Pain+Chain.jpg
"Wins all around for this one. This is amazing." In response to Reply # 112
But REAL P&P covers are so bad it's almost impossible to parody them.
lone ninja got me too tho
... so you cover it up with something better http://web.thegame360.com/images/articles/030107_Tattoo275x235.jpg) and starring in a HORRIBLE sequel to Belly.
Batman gettin' hoeslapped
This is one of those things that Ghostface and ONLY Ghostface can get away with wearing. If I saw ANYBODY else with this on I woul immediately began ...