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Time evolution of relevant quantities for an equal-mass merger containing 10 per cent gas
Poster A63: KPC Homograft Models for PDAC I/O Efficacy Studies
Comparison of the genetic background of the KPC-harbouring Tn4401h in A. baumannii M3AC14
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Left:ratio of the fraction of stars between 10 and 100 kpc to the total
NLR velocity maps, Hβ luminosity maps and 1D velocity profiles, as well as stellar
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kpc) to ∼0.25 dex (about a factor of 2). At separations ≳ 30 graphic
Evaluation of Modified Hodge Test as a Non-molecular Assay for Accurate Detection of KPC-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae
HST WFC3 FR716N image of the 'Teacup' containing the Hα+[N ii
Comparison schematic of FJ223605-like (Plasmid-12-like) IncN KPC plasmids
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Fading of the AGN. Log of bolometric luminosity for the ionized gas at different locations
−vl (km s−1) against R − R0 for stars within the
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CRE Europe
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Algorithm for the detection and characterization of carbapenemases in 342 putative CPE isolates using OXA-
Left: median μ⋆ profiles in three total stellar mass bins. Thin grey lines
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IC assays for the detection of OXA-48-type (a) and KPC
-IRAC images (false color) of the PKS 0637−752 jet at 3.6 µm (left) and 5.8 µm (right) in units of MJy sr −1. An angular scale 1 ′′ corresponds to 6.9 kpc ...
This activity aims to ensure proper human resources which can provide adequate operational support to the
Accessory modules of p10265-KPC and comparison with related genetic contents. Genes are denoted
Cxcr2 Deletion Inhibits Metastasis in KPC Mice (A) Kaplan-Meier survival analysis of
The change of direction of tidal torque from the Milky Way near the second pericentre passage
corresponding to a projected distance of ∼60 kpc). It is a linear structure in projection, and the eastern edge of the stream presents a sharp boundary in ...
Time development of the E–Lz space for a distribution of particles located within a
Phylogeny of KPC-Escherichia coli identified from global carbapenem resistance surveillance schemes, 2008-
The VRL relation with Vrot, and . The red solid line is the orthogonal fit
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-The black histogram shows the photometric metallicity distribution for ∼295,000 stars with 3 <
Outflow velocity of an adiabatic flow (solid line) and a dynamically and thermally self
Evolution of the Betti numbers B0 (blue) and B1 (red) per 1
The dependence of the Betti numbers per unit area, β0 in the left-hand
Page 1
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10, but restricted to the subset of galaxies displaying a young
Alison Mawby, of KPC Youth, Pyle, Bridgend, outside the temporary building that will finally be replaced by a permanent home (Image: David Williams)
PDF for −vl (km s−1) for 0.0 < R − R0
Absorption line profiles through a 0.9 × 106 M⊙ halo collapsing at zc = 10
The differential optical depth dτ/dl per unit comoving length along the line of sight
Optical depth as a function of observed 21 cm frequency for a halo of mass M
[Fe/H] curves for the chemical evolution model of the MW, including
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The correlation length l0 from equation (3) as a function of z in Stage
Sequential zoom-in on the first star-forming minihalo at z*≃ 20
Evolution of the H2 fraction (top-left panel) and density of stars formed
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Evolution of the fluid variables for a 2 × 104 M⊙ tophat spherical perturbation collapsing
Projected surface density of gas within the inner 50 kpc, overlaid with points identifying gas
Absorption line profiles through a 0.9 × 106 M⊙ halo collapsing at zc = 10
Upper panels: cumulative number of lens-source pairs, Npairs( < r)
Surface density projections of our N-body model scaled to dimensions of the Milky Way
Sketch of the vertical sections for the detailed analysis presenting the column density (left-
Evolution of the fluid variables for a 1.3 × 106 M⊙ tophat spherical perturbation collapsing
Treatment of Infections Caused by Extended-Spectrum-Beta-Lactamase-, AmpC-, and Carbapenemase-Producing Enterobacteriaceae | Clinical Microbiology Reviews
KPC Mice Recapitulate the Microenvironment and CXCR2 Expression of Human PDAC
Persistence diagrams of the gas density fluctuations from all snapshots at z = 0 for the
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Sagittarius Stream Centers Stripe X ⊙ (kpc) Y ⊙ (kpc) Z .
Distribution of the stellar halo sample in the SDSS–Gaia catalogue in spatial coordinates projected
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Linear comparison of sequenced plasmids p10265-KPC and pCOL-1. Genes are denoted
Projected physical quantities extracted from three LOSs close to the CM of the most massive halo
Normalized MDFs for the combined VIMOS fields at 35 < R < 45 kpc along major
The VLA B-array maps at 1.4 GHz of the blazar candidates with αRX >
The Betti numbers per correlation area, $\widetilde{B}_0$ (
Time evolution of the star formation rate (within 30 kpc) for the two RAMSES
Probability of finding log(N(SII)) ≥ 15.82 for a sight-
The same as Fig. B1 but for the fiducial model. For comparison, the
Fitted CR spectral index α as a function of the Galactocentric radius R as the result
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Panels (A) and (B): maps of the simulated galactic discs,
Example of the effect of the stellar migration models on one example galaxy density profiles with
stream simulation
Comparison of the earlier IFU E+A samples with the sample presented here. Absolute
Evolution of the cold gas mass fraction computed with the mean temperature criterion fm. The
The initial velocity perturbations used in the runs. All the values in the table are
SFF plotted as a function of RGC using sources from 2 kpc-wide heliocentric distance
Scaling relations in the V and 3.6-μm bands for the SAURON sample. Galaxies
Rotation curves of galaxy models with a gaseous component out to four disc scalelengths. The
The metallicity Z of the gas relative to the solar metallicity Z ⊙ within the same
Density, temperature, pressure and entropy profiles in the cooling flow model (red)