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Sleek black body armour credit to whoever drew this armor
Sleek black body armour credit to whoever drew this:
Battle Armor
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Body Armor, Armors, Bulletproof Vest, Armor Concept, Armours
High Moon Studios
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Body Armor, Armour, Armors
Body Armor, Armors, Bulletproof Vest, Armor Concept, Armours
Body Armor, Armors, Bulletproof Vest, Armor Concept, Armours
Body Armor, For Love, Makeup, Lemon, March, Trends, Henna, Summer, Armour
High Moon Studios
Weta Workshop produced six HULC suits - two hero, two stunt and two extremely soft suits for high falls and action. They received a body scan of Matt Damon ...
toyhaven: Square Enix Play Arts Kai MARVEL UNIVERSE Variant 1/7th scale Black Panther
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A much more scientifically realistic lady in a space suit (at least I think the person's body is female...). artwork by Karl Kopinski
Here's a Stormtrooper I drew 3 years ago.
Hot Toys is SNEAKY with their very limited new Iron Man figure!
"Nick thought of his mother's singing on a summer's evening--drew a deep "
Iron Man
Helmet, shield and sword
Power Armor with Reflect Soldier
AMERIGO VESPUCCI (see page 45)
Specifically: The female armor was mostly inspired by the mesmer and the male armor was inspired by warrior
Hester had grown so used to the idea of Shrike as unstoppable that it had never occurred to her that she might one day be called upon to help him.
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A pile of discarded armour and weapons
Fewer and Fewer Bats
Phalanx Heavy Armor - Male | ...
artwork by Ed Emshwiller
... Heritage Light armor - Male | Female
Phalanx Heavy Armor ...
B. F. Goodrich XH-5 full-(body) pressure-suit aka "Tomato worm suit" (1940-1943)
"I will again ask permission to take my charge away"
"'That voice, that voice,' Nat Gyles panted to himself."
"So Nick rode home upon the back of the Earl of Arundel's Man-at "
F.F. Raskolnikov/ Image: public domain
Detail. Note the shoulder section, dial on wrist (probably pressure gauge).
Guild Wars 2 has these among leather armor, ...
Mao ◊ from Code Geass wears a white great coat, studded with black belts and blue trim. Jeremiah Gottwald sports an incredibly badass coat in R2, ...
Chaucer is differentiating between two basic ways of knowing: what you discover through your own experience in the world and that which you read in books.
A knight on horseback is approaching the sea. A castle is visible in the background
from Tangle Hold
31. Big Rumble in Charterville
Pre-Order Alert: Hot Toys Iron Man Striker Armor Mk XXV
artwork by Llew
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Shrike looked at her, and the lamps of his eyes flickered ever so slightly, and from his outstretched hands there came wafting a smell of roasted chestnuts.
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... its first expansion Curse of Osiris adds some strange Easter egg-like unofficial cult that revolves around three new exotic armor pieces.
Shrike was dead: to begin with. Dead as a doornail. The girl had known that since she first saw his stark, white, armoured face staring down at her.
In the strategy game Tooth and Tail, one of the playable commanders, Bellafide, not only wears a ...
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The Earthly Paradise
B. F. Goodrich XH-5 full-(body) pressure-suit aka "Tomato worm suit" (1940-1943)
Posted in: Grand Years with Frank Morris at 16 September 16
Teru Mikami, Light's Dragon, wears a big black flowing one while writing epically, Light himself sometimes ...
8. Horror Hotel
Anything more lugubrious than the drone of the pipe, or the jig danced to it, or the countenances of the dancers. and musicians, I never saw.
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In Super Robot Wars Alpha, we have Sänger Zonvolt, the infamous Sword That Cleaves Evil - he wears a red longcoat that resembles the justaucorps variety.
Iron Man suit Mark VI from Iron Man 2 (premiered in 2010)