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Tai Anlan Dai Anlan commanded the Kuomintang 200 t
Tai An-lan (Dai Anlan) commanded the Kuomintang 200 Division in December 1941
Li Zongren
Chiang Kai-shek (1887 - 1975) Chinese general and Statesman, later President
Du Yuming
Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek in Chunking
Establishment of the Kuomintang[edit]
China: Hubei. Hankou. March 12th, 1938//Robert Capa
1960s. A dream that could never be realized. Volunteer Groups, A Dream,
The order was issued by Zhu De, Zuo Quan & Peng Dehuai to i) Nie Rongzhen's communist Jinn-Cha-Ji military district, ii) Liu Bocheng & Deng Xiaoping's ...
On Feb 1st, Zhang Fakui of 4th Military District was made into commander-in-chief for Gui-nan [southern Guangxi Province] Campaign.
1 octobre 1949 : Mao Zedong proclame la République Populaire de Chine.
Long Yun
Competition with Wang Jingwei[edit]
Chiang Kai-shek (Jiang Jieshi, 1887-1975) took over as leader of the Kuomintang (Nationalist Party) after the death of Sun Yat-sen (b. 1866) in 1925.
Chiang Kai-shek and the New Life Movement
Chiang Wei-kuo as an NCO in the Wehrmacht, circa 1938, pin by
Qiu Qingquan
After the breakout of the Second Sino-Japanese War, The Young Companion featured Chiang on its cover.
Dai Li
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蒋介石高清照片【之三】 - 沉默的麻雀 - 沉默的麻雀的
Resultado de imagem para yu yu hakusho personagens | Tu yu | Pinterest | Searching
Bai Chongxi
Fatigue [Saturation] Bombing of Chungking by the Japanese Chungking was bombed 7 times in May 1940. From May in summer to Oct in autumn, the Japanese planes ...
Ba Cut in Can Tho Military Court 1956, commander of religious movement the Hòa Hảo
Chinese Femininities/Chinese Masculinities: A Reader | Gender Studies | Ethnicity, Race & Gender
The China History Podcast
Around the corner from my home in LA's Koreatown is the “Kim Young Oak Academy”. I had assumed it was a private cram school serving the local ethnic Korean ...
Chiang with Mikhail Borodin, a prominent Soviet advisor to the KMT and its NRA.
Tang Enbo
Canadian International School students yesterday mourned principal Alan Dick, who came down with swine flu and died on Sunday. Doctors diagnosed Dick with ...
Li appeared on the cover of The Young Companion after his victory at Taierzhuang.
Zongren and Mao on 1st of October, 1965 during the national day celebration
A 1945 photo of Chiang Kai-shek during a visit to an Air Force base
20080217-200px-Kmtarmy wiki.jpg. Kuomintang ...
Calaméo - The PLA at Home and Abroad : Assessing the Operational Capabilities of China's Military
Thomas Jacomb Hutton
A young Marine private waits on the beach during the Marine landing, Da Nang, 3 August 1965
I involuntarily thought about this famous picture (the most requested picture from the National Archives, by the way):
Meaning of Li, Yi, Lian, and Chi by Chiang Kai-Shek
GENERAL CHIANG KAI-SHEK /nat his wedding to Mei-ling Soong. Oil over a photograph, 1927.
Contemporary public perception[edit]
Chiang Kai-shek's Early Life
Chiang Kai-shek was a man full of contradictions. After he converted from Buddhism to Methodism in 1930 he felt the Bible revealed God's plan for China.
Sun Lianzhong
CHP-171-The Tong Wars of New York Chinatown Part 1
Ma Bufang - Republic of China Chinese Muslim Generals Ma Bufang (left) and his
Tom DeLay, House Majority Leader 2003-2005
Shen Hongying
RESISTANCE WARS -- Political, Social, Cultural, Historical Analysis Of China
Treatment and use of Japanese soldiers[edit]
Chinese Expeditionary Force
CHP-162-Zhou Enlai Part 2
Main hall of the Dai Temple (岱庙 Dàimiào) at Mount Tai. As the major one of the Eastern Peak Temples, dedicated to the Green (or Blue) Emperor (蒼帝 Cāngdì ...
Leung has apologised and promised to rectify the problems by the end of January.
1945 – Robert T. Bakker, American paleontologist 1946 – Lee Oskar, Denmark, rock harmonicist (War-Why Can't We Be Friends)
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Sergeant York: the Man and the Movie - Clip
Microsoft's cloud computing services growing sky high in China | South China Morning Post
Reaching the Distant Comrade: Chinese Communist Propaganda Abroad (1949-1976) | Çağdaş Üngör - Academia.edu
Professor Ezra Vogel
Tycoon Chiu Tai-Loy says he would not have taken part in the auction of the two bronze heads. Chiu Tai-loy, 55, is the most prolific donor of historical ...
These two cover the area where most of the fighing went on in the Guangxi campaign.
CHP-176-The History of the Teochew People
OSS Deer Team members pose with Viet Minh leaders Ho Chi Minh and Vo Nguyen Giap
If a country's fixed exchange rate led it into a balance of payments crisis, the IMF would bail it out and so avert devaluation.
(photo: Sam Yeh, AFP)
The Takasago Volunteers were a unit of the Japanese Army recruited from Taiwanese aboriginal tribes.
CHP-200-The History of China-Vietnam Relations Part 4
Page 1
Flemish Nationalist Student Association Protest Genocide of White Farmers in SA - Otto Van Malderen
Kenneth Lau attends the Heung Yee Kuk consultative assembly on the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong rail link in Yuen Long. Rural leaders in Pat Heung have ...
CHP-167-Zhou Enlai Part 7
2 short articles in Li Xiaobing, ed., China at War: An Encyclopedia (Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 2012) [“Marco Polo Bridge Incident,” 265-267; “Nanjing, ...
symbol, 200th division badge.jpg
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CHP-172-The Tong Wars of New York Chinatown Part 2
The Kiwi and the Garuda: New Zealand and Sukarno's Indonesia, 1945-1966 | Andrew Lim - Academia.edu
Cheng Chung-tai (Civic Passion) whispering with Baggio Leung (Youngspiration). Will Youngspiration be absorbed into the youth political branch of Civic ...
Tsai Ming-liang at Tokyo Filmex 2013.jpg
Battle of Yenangyaung
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