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Whatever happened to robot Jones I was too young to remember
whatever happened to robot Jones?- I was too young to remember this one but I remember watching some episodes when it came on
remember the show "what ever happened to robot jones?
From the side of the humans, we were given over all the friends the young robot makes. In total there are three of them, with a technical fourth.
Whatever Happened To Robot Jones?
...and as I watched some of the episodes, I noticed something rather odd about Robot Jones, specifically. In the show, Robot Jones is robot (Duh!
Whatever Happened To Robot Jones <3 Cartoon Network, Caricatures, Shit Happens,
The reason Jones falls for her is because of the fact that she has more metal content on her than any other human he's met.
Promotional image featuring the series' main characters. From left to right: Cubey, Socks, Robot Jones, and Shannon.
Whatever happened to Robot Jones.
Greg did have his show on first, and though the pilots for the shows are very, very different, taking on totally different ideas on what a "robot cartoon" ...
The technical fourth friend Jones has is also his love interest in the series, Shannon Westerburg. She has braces, a head gear for it, and is either an ...
As Robot Jones continued to walk away from Buttercup in anger, he could only think
Other episodes focused on the fact that the main character was a robot, such as an episode where he was afraid to shower as he believe he would rust.
Whatever happened to robot Jones Old Cartoons, My Childhood Memories, 90s Kids, Shit
Another factor came from something we all know too well with Cartoon Network, scheduling. The baker's dozen episodes were constantly given different time ...
Robot Jones (c) Greg Miller and Cartoon Network Blueprints Comic (Roughly Sketched)
Being that Jones was attending a human high school, it's not surprising that the majority of the characters in the show were humans.
The show centers on a machine named Robot Jones, programmed to look and act like an adolesc. Whatever Happened to.
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Whatever Happened to Robot Jones? by 5targuitar
But in RJ's pilot, Greg made sure to have mom unit state that he was BUILT FOR SOCIALIZATION. That's his function. That is not Jenny's function.
Whatever Happened To Robot Jones
Renzettis first professional animation job in Los Angeles was on 2 Stupid Dogs. & ©
Chuck Jones is one of the greatest animation directors of all time, having worked on hundreds of classic Warner Bros. cartoons, from What's Opera, ...
RobotJonse 2 4 [Xmas2018] Robot Jones Crew by BrokenWingsOfLight
Four of the most forgotten Cartoon Cartoons ever. Mike, Lu, & Og Sheep in the Big City Whatever Happened to…Robot Jones?
Originally entitled My Boyfriend is a Teenage Robot, Renzetti had envisioned pairing up a male
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Seriously, what DID ever happen to Robot Jones? This show's title was seemingly a self-fulfilling prophecy; it's pretty much fallen off the face of the ...
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Renzetti served as director on Samurai Jack. Courtesy of Cartoon network.
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One way of thinking of the alternative charts archives is as a time capsule (our very own ...
The Serve robots closely remember Disney's Wall-E, featuring huge, saucer-like
Whatever Happened To - Robot Jones Player Model + NPC
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